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She's been gone for almost 3 years now, but she'll NEVER be forgotten. I got her as an abused, orphaned pup of ~6 months old, from the Butler County, PA Humane Society. She was called a Dalmatian Mix, but I think she had APBT in her for sure. She was always temperamental and had a lot of issues. But, we loved her unconditionally.

She had a good life with me, but also had some rough times. In college, when she was just over a year old, my landlord accidentally left her and my roommate's dog outside and didn't feel like putting them back in, so he left. She followed his truck down the lane about a half a mile to the main road, where she got hit by a truck. One of my other roommates was on his way home from class and saw her being checked out along the road. They picked her up and took her to a vet. hospital. She had to have her right rear hip joint removed. She fully recovered, but always had some discomfort and a limp. She was as fast as ever though...

When we lost her, she and Mosley got out of their enclusure and ran away one afternoon. Mosley was less than a year old at the time. He finally came back 48 hours later, but we never saw or heard anything from/about her every again. Mosley had bites/scratches all over his chest, but I think she might have gone down defending him. She was easily the tough one of the two. Anyway, I thought it was only right to give her a "shout out" for everything she taught me. She was MY first dog. I still think about her often, even more because Montana Jo looks just like her in the face. She'll never be forgotten.

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