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Bella has a chipped tooth...grrr!!!

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I didn't notice it until I was resizing some pictures I took today, but Bella has a chipped tooth.

(It's the tooth just to the left of the gap, which is where an adult tooth never grew in. (Haus is missing a tooth in that same spot.))

I'm going to take her to the vet this week to see what needs to be done, but does anyone have any experience with chipped teeth in their dogs? Will the tooth have to be pulled? A root canal done? I hope it's not too expensive! I went back through a bunch of pictures, and from what I can tell, her tooth was chipped sometime between April 15 and May 6, and I'm guessing she chipped it on a raw bone. I feel so bad that I'm just now noticing it. I hope it isn't bothering her. :(
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Oh no! I hope she doesn't have to get anything major done. I feed alot of marrow bones and on some other boards, I've heard alot of people calling rec bones "wreck bones". I've never had any problems but maybe I'll think twice about getting those! It's getting harder and harder to find safe chews these days! I guess I'll go back to the bully sticks. Those suckers are expensive though!
I posted this link on the "durable dog toys" thread but I'll post it here as well because I think these are the best bully sticks. It takes at least an hour to chew these down if not longer and they are $2.15 each. The thick ones are about double in thickness the the regular ones and give a much better workout. The only snag is that you have to get 40 of them but to me it's worth it to save the money. I think the quality of this brand of stick is really good too. I only buy from them now.
Cookies Mom said:
thanks I think I might try those
No problem. I love it when I can pass on a good deal! Anything to keep these pups happy!
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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