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Here are some very recent pics of my staffs
Im 20 and my names Hayley and im from england

I have 3 dogs But 2 bull breeds and one lurcher

Bessie is 17 inches and weighs in at 20 kg she is on her 4 phantom pregnancy and she gets the very very bad and she is normally in fantastic shape and she has put on weight with massive hanging teets! she is 2 years old and she is the love of my life

Borris could be a staff x with another bull breed in there! He is 1 years old and he is in top shape too!

I like my staffs to the orignal olden type, not in to short fat staffs with massive head and lot of weight on little leg, basically show staffs! so bessie and borris face as less rounded, long nose, leggy, agile, more fit and stunning lol

Here they are
Borris jumping

you can see borris shape body

Cute BO BO

awaiting his toy lol

check his muslce growth

wood chewer

This is bessie

In the jungle

pretty girl

wanna pull my cracker

I love her face

My babies

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fabulous looking dogs! :D
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