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Big and Little Monster pics.....

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Haven't shared some pics here in a while here are some of my three favourits ladies and one up and comer.

Air Dyna

Big Nala

Dirty Envy

Clean Envy

And future Hopefull "Bridget the Midget"

workin out issues with the roomates

further discussion....

and a quick pose for the camera...

so many girl shots gotta get one boy in there here is the lucky man of the yard Woody...

Hope you guys like em.

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Thank you for the kind words.. ya they are a handfull but well worth it. Hey Gypsy do you guy s have pits over there my friends in the netherlands have BSL there same as here in Canada which really sux..
i sent you that Steve He is a cool boy I wish he could stay with me but BSL really sux and i have the township with a close eye on me and the dogs. Hey Erica you know i like "The Boss" ...lol that is a great name. The ladies requested some current pics a little eye candy for the girls...lol
Ya Steve it is only about the pit if they here a report of one on the loose in my area i have 2 cops and one animal control at my house to make sure it is not one of mine and my dog are accounted for. It's happened a few times... they are fine with the bulldogs.
Thanks Lisa there really growing like weeds and with three it's quite the handfull...lol
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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