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GREAT energy releaser

funny thing is EVERYONE and their cousins want to work their ABs. The fact is less than one percent can do it. The fact is, most are goofy doufous labs with health issues.
First off, get it from a kennel that can do it and PROVED that they can do it.

Second, bite training is not for novice. Get it from a qualified club. Most will make excuses after that. Oh I have visited a club but I decided I just wanted a nice pet. If you get a GOOD dog from a GOOD breeder, you will not have to make excuses and you will get all the support from your club.

Third, bite training is OBEDIENCE TRAINING. You gain control. Without control, you don't bite. Simple. It is an incredible amount of work, but the MOST rewarding. It really makes you BOND with your dog and it is a LONG LONG process.

Fourth, a working dog is a controlled dog. So, logically, they are BETTER with kids and other animals. Their aggression and drive is focused towards an appropriate avenue instead of some unknown vague situations.

I know of no better way to BOND with your dog. To be honest, our training day is the ONLY day, after our training session, that the dogs are actaully quiet. It is like a drug. They got their fix. hahahha. So, did I.
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