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Thank you for your replies to this post. You are absolutely correct in the "you can be assertive without being aggressive". We (I am) are taking our Chopper, 2yr old AB, to a professional trainer because we need to learn how to be assertive. The 1 1/2 hrs we spent with him 2 weeks ago was such an eye opener. I'm going with Chopper for the 1 on 1 training because hubby is the "softie". I can pick out the times when I'm correcting Chopper & just know that I'm not doing it properly. The trainer trains police dogs along with individual training sessions. We've had dogs since 1974 & Chopper has shown us that we've been doing it "all" wrong.

You don't want to "overkill" in the corrections or the dog will assert himself & you're up the creek w/o a paddle!

Thanks again.

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