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I myself wouldn't wait till Saturday.
You should have sen some slight improvement in him by now
with the meds.Like the vet said the meds may not be strong
enough.You should get him in right away and if you can take a urine sample with you
so they can test it for crystals and what not.
Keep us updated on the lil guy and wishes for a speedy healthy pup.

I would call the "breeder" back and let them know what is going on and that
you have paperwork from the vet saying that his issues are not from any
sort of trama.I myself would try getting money out of them to help
cover the cost of all of this but most BYB could give a rats a$$ but
throw out there that if it comes down to it legal action will come into play if they
dont offer there help.Worth a try anyway.Good luck
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