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Carter A.K.A- Ray Charles said:
Well Kelly you are right. She does not give a rats A$$. I have done everything from call the police to the Humane society on her. She does not care. She dodges my call. She is a shady lady.. probably already used the $$ on drugs. I don't feel like just showing up an getting shot. It was in a shady part of Hbg... i was dumb to go there to bgin with but her dogs were dolls and i thought I would get the little guy and give em a fantastic life. It just so happened i screwed myself over.
As far as the meds, the vet said they were fairly strong. Its a 2 week med tho, so i figured get halfway through and see how things go. He is still able to pee so its not filling his bladder to the point of harm... he just strains still, breaking blood vessels in his penis and the vet said that if it continues i need to bring em in.
(i did call the emrgency line last night.)
I just love the little guy.... i need to figure out how to post pics.. u'd fall in love too <3

Do you have any kind of contract on your dog? A check written to the woman?
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