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Blue, Rainey, and Buster

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FINALLY got these to load onto Photobucket - one at a time. :evil: Since my Blue Boy is going to a new home this weekend, I thought I would get some final shots of him.

These are from a few weeks ago.

Being naughty

Chillin' after completely unmaking the bed. LOL. It's hard work, you know.

With sister Rainey

Playing with Buster last weekend

Crazy ears!

Buster's a goober!

Neener neener!

Getting tired, mom.

About to crash after his bath.
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Great pics Thank You. Buster is a beautiful boy
Gosh...he looks just like a Remy puppy! He looks just as sweet as Remy, too. :)
Congrats to Blue on getting his new home. :)

I like the 5th picture.

Buster is such a handsome boy.
great pics! all of them are adorable! :D
God dammm!!Buster is friggin AWESOME looking...I have a craving to kiss his big fat head! He is a thick boy!


augrad said:
Buster's a goober!

Neener neener!
They are all cuties! I agree he looks alot like Remy when he was smaller.
OMG! Blue and Rainey are super big now. I can't believe how tall Blue looks.
i'm so happy blue found a home. i don't think i ever seen buster run before. he is always sitting still. love that boy!
Buster is awsome..he takes on alot...
Great pictures - looks like everyone was having fun.
I did not realize just how "twin like" Blue & Rainey look.
It will be a hard seperation for them. Too bad the new
home could not take both.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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