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have any of you heard of this? i might have spelled it wrong.... but something to do with an air sac in the lung?

any information is greatly appreciated :wink:
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Alveoli are the air sacs in the lungs (located at the end of the bronchioles) that are responsible for the exchange of carbon dioxide & oxygen in the blood. Is this what you are talking about?
could be....

not 100% sure.... the vet called yesterday regarding baylee's x-rays and she said she has an air sac in her lung.... but not to worry just yet.

she also said she had a wide chest cavitity around the heart???? i totally understood while on the phone with her but as soon as i hung up, i forgot everything ](*,)
Did she say bolus possilby?

Main Entry: bo·lus
Pronunciation: 'bO-l&s
Function: noun
Etymology: Late Latin, from Greek bOlos lump
1 : a rounded mass: as a : a large pill b : a soft mass of chewed food
2 : a dose of a substance (as a drug) that is administered intravenously; specifically : a large dose given intravenously so that the desired therapeutic concentration in the blood is reached rapidly

For example: if one has a sick and/or dehydrated dog that needs IV fluids but the owner doesn't want to leave the dog at the clinic, we will administer a large amount of fluids under the skin & that is termed a "bolus" as well
thanks Miakoda

that sounds right, but they didn't need to insert anything or put her on an IV.... ????

maybe i should have them fax me the results.... she said it was nothing to worry about, but she's still on antibiotics.... so after that cycle is over i have to watch to see if her symptoms go away or if she still has cold like symptoms....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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