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Bringing Home a new puppy when I have a 4 year old Bulldog

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I haver a 4 year old English Bulldog that is very happy and the best dog I have ever owned. Since I love bulldogs so much I was thinking of getting another puppy. The reason being even though we are not out of the house all day we usually come home during lunch to take the dog out and see her I figured it would be nice to have a friend. What I am worried about id the one I have now feeling neglected, or not liking the new puppy. My Female bulldog now loves attention and that is all she needs in life is to be fed and paid attention to. Even if she is sleeping she needs to be around someone. Is there any reason for me to worry will she like a new puppy or should I just leave well enough alone. Like I saud she is a very happy healthy dog and I would not want to do anything that would effect that. I just though having a new puppy would be fun for me and my wife and for both dogs. Please let me know what you think or any experiences you have had.


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i didn't vote because it is a individual dog issue, you really can't give a general answer type thing. most dogs, if properly introduces, will learn to adjust to a new dog in the house. it just may take time.
keep in mind tho, a new pup will be very demanding of your time and the old girl may very well end up feeling neglected. it is easy to say it won't happen but sometimes hard to avoid. also at four an eb is getting up there in age. will she deal ok with a puppy rompin all over the place, and all over her?
the bulldog I have is 4 and active but I am not sure if she would like the playing or not. I also would hate for her to feel neglected.
unfortunately puppies tend to suck up alot of your time, attention and energy. ullitmately it will be your choice to make. just keep in mind, if you do get the puppy, make sure you set aside special time for just you and the old girl and make sure you teach the pup to respect her . good luck, whichever you decide :)
Ok thanks for your help. I think I am going to do some mroe research first and then have some of my friends bring there dogs over and see how she reacts to them.
Even if the older dog is gentle, the puppy will be in "chew mode" for several months and have needle sharp teeth. Your 4 yr old may not be as tolerent at the puppy's mother was.
I brought home Jack when he was a puppy and Jane(8 yrs old at the time) who was the only dog, tried to attack him the first week we had Jack. I almost gave the pup back, but after a month, they acted like old friends.
Look here they are now 2 years later. Now I am thinking about getting a third dog.
Good luck to you, whatever you decide to do. :)
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