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Bubs turned 6 months old over the weekend. Photos inside

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Turning 6 months old means more toys

Bub doing his sit and stay before he can eat. Poor sad eyes say "Come on man, even on my special day?"

Let's go play ball

Thanks for looking.
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What a great looking boy. He's gonna be such a looker when he's grown. (not that he isn't now...) I notice how thick boned his front legs are. Love him! :love10:
I love Bubba, He is so freaking cute and boy is he getting big :shock: :D :D
wow, he is really looking awesome James. You definitly picked out a winner with him. Great pics!
Wow...hes getting so big. The 7th lets play ball pic...the side head shot... his head looks huge! I cant believe he is 6 months already...time is flying! He is so handsome!
happy birthday Bubba!!!

he is such a great looking pup!!!
Happy1/2 birthday bubba, got to love that face!
I love Bubba!!

Happpy 6 months you handsome devil!
Happy birthday Bubba!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, he is a looker!
Awwwwe! He's so cute!
What a good boy he is!! I love him. :love5:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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