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Roxy said:
I think once you got one dog in training you follow it threw at home with the other dog. I rarely take Marlee, only to show off what I have taught her at home. Get Koa into training, then Heaven will pick it up too. Plus you get to meet some hunky blokes at training, the dogs are great conversation started. :lol:

So all you got to do now is find a good home for Nala, hopefully one of our foster mum can help you find her a good home, but keep her with you till one is found. Don't feel guilty, look at it as helping Nala, if she had gone somewhere else prior to you, someone that couldn't be bothered to reaserch help, what would her life hold for her.

Be her foster mum, be pleased that you can offer her that :love5:
I totally agree. Look into seeing if you can find a trainer that will come to your house, and make sure Kain is there, too, so he can work with "his" dog. Then you can be spending quality time with your son, and your dogs.

What ever you do, don't feel guilty. Remember that Heaven deserves your attention, and you had her first. You'll find Nala a terrific home, and she doesn't have to go anywhere until you find the right fit.
1 - 1 of 120 Posts
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