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Well I am sure there are incidents at lots of dog parks but like I have said, I haven't witness much. I am not the typical coffee drinker owner out there. I am always within 20-30 yards of my dog. I am always watching other dogs around. If any dog showed true aggression around my dog then we would be out of there.
I haven't posted on here much in quite some time, but I just couldn't resist this one.

Lets just say you are 30 yards from your dog, I'm not even sure what kind of Bull-breed you own, but lets just suppose. Now along comes Mr. attitude mutt and starts trouble with your dog. Unless your a world class Olympic sprinter (which I'm guesssing your not) it will take you at least 6-8 seconds just to realize what's happening and get to your animal. In that length of time most any AB or APBT would kill a small dog or seriously injure anything else.

Just because your the alpha in your pack doesn't mean squat. Anytime there is more than two dogs together they trying to establish ranking in the pack. Yours already thinks your the alpha so all the rest must be under him in his mind. That is until he meets my male, because he thinks he's the boss dog and then you would have a WWF cage match on your hands. I guess your just going to pick up your dog with a 100lbs of AB hanging of the side of his head and walk off, think again. doesn't work that way. Anyone who says their dog won't show agression toward another dog or fight is extremely nieve. My AB doesn't even give you any warning, none of this hit me b!tch stuff, it's on and right now no questions asked.

Don't take this the wrong way, because I speak from expeience. It took a tragic accident when my AB was only 1 yr. old for me to realize how quick it can be over. He killed another dog in less than five seconds and was with five feet from me in his own yard when it happened and the thing is even if he would have been on a leash I couldn't have saved the other dog because it attacked him. Fortunately nobody else was around to witness it. Since then no running loose in the yard and darn sure no dog parks.
1 - 1 of 259 Posts
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