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There are parks where for large breeds here in GA. :D Our dogs are our family pets and we love them but it is also our responsiblilty to watch them like hawks because not every dog is created equal!!! This dogs can and are (by some) used as weapons and we must handle them with the utmost care...It is like the article says your dog may not START the fight but they will END IT. We had a Rotty for a while that killed a smaller dog by stepping on it, it was a total accident on the Rotties part but that did not take away the pain of the lose of the other pet. If you are insistant on taking your dog to a park where all dogs of all sizes play without a leash I suggest carrying mace. I carry mace in case anything ever happened that was out of my control the way I END THE FIGHT plus it has no long term effects. :D LOL Their owners I am sure will be pissed , but I would rather mace some dogs then lose control and them kill each other.
1 - 1 of 259 Posts
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