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Bulldog puppies from 8 year old Mom/ Questions...

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I am relatively new to the bulldog breed and have recently started to look for a puppy.
I have been recently educating myself and learning more about this great bread.
This weekend I looked a few 8 week old puppies. The owners are not breeders and this is there first time with a litter.
The father is a 3 year old AKC, and the female is 8 years old, unregistered.
(They did provide papers for the male)

#1. Should I be concerned with the age of the mother?
#2. From what I have been reading, it is strongly suggested that I go with a AKC registration and verify the pedigree for at least 3 generations. (Obviously not possible with this situation) I am not looking for a show dog, but do want a quality, healthy bulldog. Is this very necessary to ensure good health genes?

I am in the process of trying to contact local breeders in my area. (Northern California)
I want to make sure we get the healthiest puppy possible. Another concern is the lack of breeding experience of the current owners.
They puppies seam to be all happy and healthy, but like I said, I am new to this breed.
Any advice anyone could share is greatly appreciated.
Thanks for looking..

Hello Everyone,

Yes I am referring to the english bulldog.
Thank you very much for all the information. You have confirmed my original thoughts.
Also, I live in the east bay area No. Cal. (Dublin/Pleasanton Area) If anyone can suggest a quality breeder, it is much appreciated.
Thanks again!!
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i understand your concerns about the health of the man made dog, i too am worried about mine. although i think with good care, good diet, and lots of love will bring a friend to your life quicker than you can say, "NO"

how does the bulldog know it's not supposed to be in that body? maybe since i'm new to the breed my emotions are not as strong as some people's. my girl is just as capable as our AB.
thank you all

hopefully mine won't have those problems...

i didn't know some of the facts you just stated. i apologize for my ignorance.

i thought about the pet insurance, i'll check into it :wink:
Led said:
I have never seen an EB that can compete athletically to an AB. My friend's ED Norman is a pretty nice dog. I like him, but he can only go fetch the ball a few times and then it is NAPTIME! ABs don't need that nap. They are like the E bunny in comparison.
sorry to hear about Norman, but mine wears out the AB in no time. she goes on for hours & hours. when i got her they said this breed is lazy, well not this one. :wink:
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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