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Bulldogbreeds.com collage?

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I dont have photoshop at all on my machine otherwise I would undertake this. One of my favorite topics each month is the dog of the month because I get to see all the doggies all at once! So I was just thinking it would be soooo neat to have a dog collage with the names of the dogs somewhere? Or a post where we have them all at once? Im always trying to show people my favorite dogs on this site (I know they think I am a little dog crazy) Anyway, it was just a thought I had :) I wish we could have a doggie convention somewhere too lol so all our dogs could meet, and we could all meet each other face to face!
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There have been a couple of collages made, but I forget who made them. It is still a good idea, there seem to be lots of new people. My photoshop skills are not that great.

A meet up would be cool!
angels mommy made one and I believe Roxy started one. I would love too see one as well.
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