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This is Bully ~ The dog Andrea has taken in from Shawn ~



Lisa and Bully ( she drove him from NC to PA )


Andrea picked Bully up this morning ( nanniesrock ) and she was so excited to get him.
He is such a love bug.
My girlfriend broke her foot and sprained her ankle last night so we were int he ER till midnight.
I was outback letting in Buster and she was out front with Bully ( Bully has some dog aggression so we kept all dogs seperated ) well we didnt know what the other one was doing so I let buster in and she was letting in Bully and as she came in she saw Buster and tried getting Bully back out the front door but he was barking and pulling to get to Buster and Buster was barking and she got tangled between the dogs trying to get out the door and well broke her foot and sprained her ankle so she went home today with a cast and crutches and in a ton of pain but it was all an accident but she is fine other then that.Just made for a very interesting weekend..........LOL
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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