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Sheila has developed some bumps over the past couple of weeks, mainly around her neck where her collar sit and a few on her front legs. I read somewhere (don't remember where) of bully bumps?? Or is there a possibility of mange?? Any good sites with pics of what each should look like?? They don't seem to itch as she rarely scratches or chews at them. Wonder if it has anything to do with the humidity and heat in miami?
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If it's mange, her hair would be falling out in spots. What kind of collar does she wear? Or could it be insect bites?
What kind of bumps? Like little pimply bumps or welt-like bumps?
Kind of like big pimple bumps. Maybe insect bites as there alot of freaking mosquitos right now. Got pick up some advantix next week. She does not lose hair unless I mess with the bumps. some of them have like a little scab. But she does not have any bald spots that I have noticed.
Bully bumps...Orson gets them ALL THE TIME!! They are random
and don't bother him, look like pimples also. He'll get them on his chest, belly,
and inside legs more than anywhere. They come and go, i assume an allergic
reaction to something but i dont think i'll ever know.
Dont worry unless they bother him, you could also put him on
anti-biotics till they go away...my vet said alot of dogs just are on those
off and on all their lives!
Yeah she gets them in those same areas, then some go away and a new will pop up. Guess I will keep an eye on them. But first sign she starts scratching, off to the Doc.
Sounds like hives to me...Scarlet gets them every now and then. Usually at bath time...we have to use baby shampoo on he because even the hypo-allergenic make her break out. Have you bathed her or anything? Could be from anything...grass, food, bugs, you name it. If they get real bad try some benadryl...if it persist you may want to make a trip to the vet.
I don't think it is hives because it is not a generalized reaction, just a few here and there. If they start to spread then benadryl it is. What is the dose for dogs per kg??
Chapps hates me for doing this....

But do they look anything like this??

I didn't really know what that was, but Benedryl healed it right up. Chapps is a very allergic dog, so sometimes I usually give him 2. The 25mg pink ones. Dogs do not take to Benedryl like humans, they need a bit of a higher dosage. My vet told me for very bad reactions to even give him 3. But I never give him more than 2. It does knock them out though...not that that's a bad thing :lol:
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sheila said:
I don't think it is hives because it is not a generalized reaction, just a few here and there. If they start to spread then benadryl it is. What is the dose for dogs per kg??
It's 1 mg per pound. A Kg is 2.2 pounds.
Mason doesnt havent it quite as bad and really only one big red bump but the benadryl doesnt seem to be helping anymore.. should I bump up his dosage.. my vet said for his weight give hime 20 milligrams...only syringes I can get are in milliliters so I give him 2 teaspons which maxes out the syringe....

He weighs 30lbs now.
Scout had one big red bump under one of her front legs once, and the vet seemed to think that it was just a bug bite or other little irritation that possibly got a little irritated from scratching. They gave us a little cream to put on it, and it disappeared.

She seems to be having some sort of reaction to something right now though... little red bumps, similar to those many of you have described. My only concern is that the girl who dog-sits for us took her to the dog park during our last trip a few weeks ago, and I just worry that she might have picked something up. Anyone know if that's a possibility?
These are highly skin sensitive dogs,
They are 90% better after switching food.
I am suggesting to everyone with bumpy dogs to switch to
food for allergies, like duck and potato or venison.
It really helps!!!
Mine gets them from stress. It never fails. He got them when we first got him, everytime we go on vacation, he got them when we got married because there were so many people in our house. The vet called it angio-neurotic-edema. Basically he is allergic to stress and gets big hives. Is your dog stressed?
My 16 week old English Bulldog Rocky has been getting bumps all over his back and side. Some of them get about the size of a dime and some of them scab up.What is this? They only seem to come out around his spine.
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