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WTH, This dog eats everything I swear.So we had the birthday for my mom
and I came home with over 30 balloons,some for the kids and the dogs as
Buster loves them so he is playing with them and I hear pop so I run to grab the
pieces and there are non and Buster is looking around as well so I figure they flew some were
we cant see then he gets another one and pop and I run over and nothing well the next one, pop,
run over and I see Buster chewing so I run over to him jam open his mouth and nothing.I was to late
I have no idea how many he ate.I had to get rid of the balloons so he wouldn't eat any more.I hope he passes them
He ate this morning and all so I hope they come out :roll:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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