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I never allow this type of behaviour between my dogs. I don't believe in "letting them work it out". I know I am probably in the minority here. I just don't see why anyone would want one of their dogs to always be put its in place? I want my dogs confident in themselves. I don't want one always being beat down and I also don't want the vet bills that may sometimes come along if things between them escalate! You also don't want to keep risking injury to your human family members who may get stuck in the middle of 2 fighting dogs. I know most people here want this big happy family to exist between all the dogs in their home but this is not important to me. If I can have dogs live together peacefully, then so be it but I won't force the issue. I have better things to do with my dogs that spend time training them to leave eachother alone. If they cant get along they are separated, simple as that. The most important thing to me is that my dogs enjoy being with ME. I really could care less about them being friends together because I want them looking to me for thier fun and stimualtion, not eachother which can sometimes be conter productive to anyone who is trying to obedeicne train their dogs anyways. To each their own but if you are looking for advice I would separate these dogs. To your Dalmation, Buster is just an annoying little pup and if you keep allowing him to annoy her she may get fed up and REALLY put him in his place. You can only expect a dog to take so much.
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