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Molly our 7 year old Dalmation is the dominate dog.Buster who is now 6 months has started what I call testing her to see if he can be the dominate dog.He will jump out of know were and pounce on her.He places his front legs and paws on her back and wont get down till Molly snaps.Today it got a bit ugly they started barking and snarling at one another and were running circles around each other till I yelled ( at the top of my lungs ) to stop which they did.Come feeding time Buster gets fed in his crate and molly in the kitchen.Molly eats very fast unlike Buster who savors every last drop :roll:
so when Molly is done she will come to sniff Busters crate and if he is in there eating he freaks out barking and snapping at her.Molly has bit his ear twice and left two scars.Molly normally gets the upper hand and puts him in his spot and he will roll over to his belly and summit but lately he isn't haven it.Do I let them go to decide who is the dominate dog or do I interfere?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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