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this is my first time using this, and am trying to ask a question, so please bear with me ! We have a 9 month old english bulldog (Vicki) that we have had since she was 8 weeks old, and we have a 2 year old doberman (Blitzen)that we have had since 8 weeks old, both females, doby is fixed, they've gotten along great until recently, and they seem to be fighting over who is dominant ???, one moment they will be playing and the next they are out for blood. So now we keep them separated all the time, we put a door up to seperate the front half of the house and the back half, rotate them to the bedrooms when we need to let them out. How do we stop the fighting ? They don't fight all the time, just once in a while and the dob. got along great with our schnauser up until he passed along. So what is the problem? We've heard that english bulldogs are basically couch potato's, and practically comatose from being so lazy, so why are we having problems? My husband suggested muzzles for both of them, so at least they could be in the same room, i shot that down . Any suggestions? I'm desperate ! I've had 7 stitches put in because of them fighting and i guess when we had them separated, i didn't give the b.dog time to calm down before disiplining her, she must have thought it was the other dog and took a chunk out of my arm. So now you see why i am desp. for help ! :!: :!: :?: :?:
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