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Can someone help us please?

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Hello everyone
My boyfriend and I are proud owners of a 3yo bulldog bitch named Daisy. We only got her a week and a half ago from a private kennel and we were told that she was house trained. The first day she wouldn't come out of the house at all, on the second day, she peed in front of us when we were having dinner (charming!), then the next morning she pooped and peed in the same place. We moved her at nights, from the living room to the kitchen and she knows she sleeps there. Since the second day, we take her out early in the morning, then at 2 o'clock, then about 4 pm and then at night. We think she now knows that she musn't poop in the house, as she does it always outside, but for some reason, she continues to pee in the house. Last night, she peed in her bed and stayed there until we noticed in the morning.
Can someone give us any tips on how to train her?

Thanks a lot!
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did you want such a reserved dog?

I would return this dog to the breeder and get your money BACK, if possible.

A properly bred bulldog..............AT 3yrs old, should come out of the cage and go NUTS for the new people and try to OWN his surroundings. It certainly would not pee in his cage.

This is not correct temperment for ANY dog.

However, if you are now attatched to the dog...............some dogs who have been kept in a kennel all their lives will defacate and pee in their living area, since they have no choice. Eventually, they get used to it. That is what kennel dogs do. It is a classic sympton.
Give it time and just be REGIMENTED AND FIRM on your schedule. Catch her in the act, correct and get her out and SHOW her where to defacate. Simple. Easy. Eventually, her errors will subside.

Good luck.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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