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Can someone look at this

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and tell me their opinion on the place?


I have spoken with hem a few times about schutzhund traning, but I really don't have a clue as to what questions to ask or what to look for. They have invited us to come watch a session. They also are willing to work with breeds other then those mentioned on thier site. I know you can't get a great idea about them from a website - but based on the info they have listed - would you train with them?

Advice/opinions welcome!

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well, since you could pretty much put whatever you like in a website , no i don't think i would say i would train with them from what they have listed . go and see them in person. i like the fact that they have invited you to go out and watch, that is a good sign. it "sounds" like they have some experience but who really knows. if you "don't know what to look for " it can be difficult to sift thru the chaff. some people can really make themself sound great and some ARE great and just don't know how to talk to people. go see them. let us know how it goes
I looked at their website and if their resume is accurate I would say it is fairly impressive. But, like Attitude says, you have to be careful..people can put whatever they want in a website.

Feel free to post this question on my clubs message board which can be accessed by the link in my signature below. One of my club members owns both Mals and Dutch Shepherds and I think she is fairly well versed in the breeds as well as the sport of Schutzhund. She checks the board often and may be able to help you get some more information.

Good luck. :D
Sweet! Thanks! Im not sure what to look for/ask so to me, the website looks impressive - but looks can be decieving - especially to the untrained eye.

I will ask on some of your sites Lisa - thanks again!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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