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Car riding

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My apologies if this question has been asked before - I tried search and couldn't seem to find anything on topic.

We keep a basket with padding in our back seat, the seatbelt goes around the basket it to keep it in place. Fury loves riding in the car and she knows to jump into the basket and she does fine. We love going to parks with her and just even for her to join me when I pick up the kids from school.

Except ...

We noticed while driving if it starts drizzling and we turn on the wipers she lunges from backseat to front and barks at the wipers ( not in a aggressive manner, merely that playful bark she tends to do) but its not exactly a good thing while I'm driving. Even on non-rainy days something will catch her attention outside and she'll get that tail wagging and starts trying to get to the front.

So my question is - what proper etiquette, commands or equipment could I possibly use to keep her in the backseat and let her bark happily from there rather than popping into the front?

I must say tho she has never hopped into my lap as I drove she merely pops up between the seats as if she sort of owns it and does her barking.

I tell her No, and I've even pulled over to put her in her basket but it's difficult to have much authority if I'm not looking at her and she does this when I'm actually driving and car is moving.

SideNote : She doesn't do this all the time. But, On the days she does I would like to have something, know something to get her back into her place instead of just banning her from the car.

I would truly appreciate any suggestions or advice.

Thank you.
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i believe there is doggie seat belts you can buy
never had one myself yet
so not too sure how much they restrain your dog
but would think they could work
Thank you so much halo and Biscanton - I'll definitely start looking into those.

I appreciate it.
Yes you can get seat belts. They are like harnesses that just slip around the seat belt. The dog can still move around but its much safer and they cant get into the front. We got ours from the usual pet shop.

If anyone can help on how to stop my puppy being travel sick in the car, I'd apprecite it! :)
maybe you should try (with the car parked) putting on the windshield wipers and make her sit in the back. when she starts to jump in the front seat, correct her. when she stays, give her a treat. does she know the "stay" command yet? i would sit in the front seat, and tell her to "stay".
Patch doesn't let me drive... he climbs into the front seat and into my lap while i'm driving and insists on poking his head up and leaning it on my window.
I need one of those harnesses!!!!
Or i'm going to have an accident one day!
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