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OrsonDogge said:
:lol: Looks like chico got worn out shredding and passed out in the
fluff...like he's sleeping in a cloud!

Here's a video "caught in act", kinda let him keep killing the toy.
It was already dead :wink:
Oh my goodness that is a funny video
I also liked your other videos
Sucking squirrel and the yellow toy
everyone in our office was cracking up

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Years ago, I fostered a Newfoundland pup...she was abut 10 weeks old at the time. I had to run to the neighbor's house to water her plants/take in her mail, so I put Cheyenne in the kitchen with a baby gate up (wood frame, plastic 'fence'). I came home abut 15 minutes later and Cheyenne had chewed a hole thru the gate, escaped and managed to drag a little something from every room and chew it up (toilet paper, underwear, clothes, stuffed animal)...she was laying on top of the pile, exhausted from all of her hard work :lol: Since she was just a puppy, she wasn't able to chew things up TOO badly...just enough to let you know she had 'been there'. Wish I could find my pics of it...too funny!
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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