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CBD oil for Anxiety?

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Does anyone have any experience using CBD for anxiety? In the nearly 2 years we've had Chandler we have had over a dozen experiences with loose dogs. Mostly smaller dogs who had bigger barks than bites (save for the Shi Tzu who bit Chan's face and tore off my fiance's thumbnail). In addition to that we have a lot of neighbors who allow their dogs to rush the fence and bark like crazy...in some cases it is an efence and we aren't sure if the dog is loose or what.

We have been working on focus and engagement but our town is so small and so many people have dogs that in the spring and summer it can really be a challenge. Everywhere you turn a dog is nearby it seems. So after all this time, Chandler is on full alert whenever we take a walk. His hair is up and he is tense like he expects a dog to come at him at anytime...which I can't blame him for.

Ok, so I was trying to find other ways of helping him. I thought if I could get him to relax a little it would be easier to work on the issue while we are out and about.

I started doing some reading on CBD oil after seeing it mentioned here and hearing about it from a friend who is very active in MJ legalization. It seemed to me in my reading that any side effects were pretty mild and people were having huge improvements in their dogs' health and behavior.

So I bought a tincture and I gave him some last night based in the dosage of 1mg for every 10lbs. That seemed to be the standard from what I read.

I gave half of that about an hour before our walk and then the other half about 20 minutes before after I observed him.


He had a lot of energy. It might be that he had been cooped up the past few days but he had A LOT of energy. We didn't really see any dogs so I can't speak to that. I guess I expected a more sedate pooch?

One neat thing...Chandler is a bit older and not as athletic as some of the younger dogs in his training group but last night we passed a 4ft high retaining wall and he jumped on it from a sitting position. He has never done anything like that before.

So what are everyone's thoughts? Too much? Not enough? Do I need to give it more time to kick in? Should I not mix it in with his food? Does it need time to build in his system?
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