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Sorry for all the pics, it's hard just to pick a few. I take a million and they are all adorable.

- Her just being a cutie.
- Mommy, please let me past the baby gate into the computer room. I promise chewing the cable cord and all the speaker wires in the living room was just a fluke. I wouldn't dare chew up any computer wires. :wink:
- Man, she didn't buy it. Maybe I'll chew my way in....
- The calm before the storm.
- Didn't last long, here she is instigating yet another play fight. Poor Marco, you can see it in his face he's burnt out!!! LOL
- It's funny to watch them play, Marco just lays there and occasionally throws his hand up in defense. She's all over the place though.
- What a tough girl, Marco doesn't seemed to concerned though.
- Last but not least, she has discovered how to get onto our bed. I guess it is much more comfortable then hers.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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