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Chocy got the ok and is cleared...

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I took Chocy to the vet to get clearance on his health so that he can actually start working with weights now in his weight pull training. He has his "wait" and "PULL CHOCY" down, and it was getting kind of boring, back and forth across the yard, back and forth, back and forth.
He is now 9 months old, and the vet performed an EKG on his heart, listened to his lungs after a breif walk, and performed an x ray on him. He says we have to wait for the test that can tell what his bone density truely is awhile longer, but this test that he performed usually always picks up any concerns, and Chocy is clear to pull.

The most he has ever pulled is 2 milk jugs full of water. Occasionally he'd pull my son on a skateboard down the road.
We are building a training sled this coming weekend.
I know not to pile on the weight yet, that this is also going to take time as anything else does, but at least we can start.

Wondering, they should have like drag races in the UKC as well!!
My entire front yard is fenced for the dogs playtime, about 3/4 acre. And if someone pulls out of our driveway too leave, Dixie xhases them the lefnth of the yard.
She is consistantly being clocked at 40 mph now, and has every bit of her girlish figure back.
Isn't that fast, super fast for a dog??You should see her tuck her head low and haul!!It is amazing to watch. She is next in line for tests.

Wish us luck, we will be entering competitions in awhile!Chocy will do great, he is sooooooooooo muscular and stout, I can't wait!
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