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Christmas pictures of Alexis

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Hello! Here are some pictures taken recently of Alexis!! Hasn't she grown a TON?!!! Do you still think she looks like a pit bull? tell me what you think! Merry Christmas everyone!! We are going out of State to visit family, staying in a hotel so it will be interesting since Alexis is teething! We have to bring lots of things for her to chew!!

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yeah, I can see what you mean about being hard to see/read/all blurring together! I was posting them all together and w/out spaces....sorry!!!
Let me try again..this time with more clarity...
we think she is 17 wks old in these pictures (last week)...according to a vet office she was born on Aug. 20th probably...what is so funny about that is that is my birthday!! We adopted her on 9/29 from an animal shelter, she was a stray and was on a stray hold for a week then we adopted her three days after she was available for adoption...so she was probably about 6 wks old when we adopted her! I wouldn't doubt it, she was so small....I remember one time she put her nose in the crook of my neck and I was trying to comfort her...she had a battle with pneumonia but all better now! She has about 4 more baby teeth to lose, she is chewing on everything she can get!! LOL We need to buy her some more chew toys tonight...I've hid some toys (including a soccer ball) that we bought her for Christmas...corny I know but I didn't want her to see the presents!! We are going to get our cat cat food, she is turning 16 in January (we think anyways!) and she isn't into playing with toys as much anymore than just eating and laying around. Alexis is so funny, she will put her paw up to tell us she is sorry for something (looks like she wants to shake) and I let her decide sometimes if she wants to stay inside or go outside and what treat she would like...it is cute watching her make a decision!
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