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Christmas pictures

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Cute! They look like happy dogs! Faith looks like a bull terrier in that first picture, with her ears back like that. :D
Love the pics and the presents and really love the thank you at the end. :D
i love faith. cute pictures. How is the thing with the lady next door going. Any updates. Im alwayz woundering about that.
I really like faith! . what races is in her?
I love that last pic of her and your daughter!!! SOOOOO cute :D
We really don't know what she is. The vet said she is a terrier mix. But she was found in a ditch with her sister at 3 months old. Her sister looks just like a choc. lab but not sure what they are.

Brandi- this past Friday we woke up to her yelling at them because my daughter got up before us and let them out so I told her to let them back in. Then the neighbors were gone from Friday afternoon until late last night so it was nice to be able to let the dogs out without having to worry about the bit** next door.

TY for the compliments. The toys are all destroyed now but they had fun while they lasted. The last one is also my favorite!
Looks like Faith was crazy about the rawhide bone!

Nice pics :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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