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Clara's Tatoo

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OK, here is Clara's Spay tatoo

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Just for clarification for people who do not know, the vet puts the tatoo on
after the dog has been spayed, so that there is not any mistake of trying to
re-spay her if she were to get lost or stolen.
Leeann.Bella.Remy said:
Is that a fairly common practice? Bella doesn't have a spay tattoo.
It is here and I also found where it is listed in web sites when you look up "dog spay tattoos".
Bremner53 said:
I've never heard of that, While you had that camera out did you take pics of Clara, other then that one??
No, I am not the picture taker, my husband is. He has to get up early for a
class so I did not want to stretch it out with several pics and then downloads.
He will be off Sunday and I will have him take pics of her then.
India's Mom said:
I wish they did that around here. When I adopted my dog the vet was pretty sure she was spayed....but she wasn't and now India is in heat and walking around in her little denim diaper :)! I wonder if I can ask for a spay tatoo (she's getting spayed in December)?

I would call them up before hand and ask if they do this? If not, maybe they
would get the necessary equipment to do it if they were told the idea.

Wow! Without that tattoo - you'de never know she was spayed! you can't see even a hint of a scar (at least on the pic).

Exactly, there is not even a demarcation line.
I like the butterfly idea. :D
Well, Clara says she is glad she could share this with you Attitude,
she thinks it is pretty sexy, too. You can also have your ID number tatooed
to the inside of their leg to prove identify if they are lost or stolen. I am going
to have that put on her the next visit.
:wink: :D
1 - 7 of 22 Posts
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