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Clean doggies

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They both had baths today!!

It was the 1st time we have bathed Gypsy and we was both shocked..she jsut stood there!!

Was pleased!

Here are the after pics of the clean doggies

Ner Ner...You thought i wouldnt like it!!

(No collers on due to drying off)
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Hehe, they look great!!!

Ben looks all fuzzy!!! SOOO cute
i remember when i got Vegas back gave him a bath and all his spots came out it was funny looks like a dalmation

sitting in the sun drying off
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Soooo cute, and squeaky clean!!! I'm glad Gypsy liked having a bath (that always makes things easier, LOL).

Max was a bit freaked out by the bath at first, and then he decided he liked the shampoo rub, and the water being poured on him, and by the end he was trying to SLEEP in the tub, LOL....I gotta get a pic to share!!!
They're such good looking dogs. I love Ben's face in that last one. What a cute face. He reminds me so much of Yote. :D
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