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Hi everyone:)
I am visiting your group for some help and info.
I am not a bully person, though I do love them....I am actually a Lab person in need of some assistance.
I have recently become the grandmother of a little cleft palate girl from the litter my gal whelped on March 8th.
At first I didnt know what was wrong, but eventually found the cleft, not a big one from what I have seen on line, but big enough to make things very hard and neccesitate my intervention. Other breeders and vets told me to have her put down, but because a few very kind people on the lab forums told of thier stories of success I have become determined to get this little one through it if at all possible.
I have done much research about causes, treatment, prevention and such over the last week, and sadly there really isnt much positive out there, but oddly, when I started talking to other breeders more, it seemed that a large percentage had dealt with at least one CPpup. I found that Bully breeds are particularly suceptable and figured that if I wanted to find people who had hands on experience with this defect this would be where to come.
I have started a website and a forum for people who are dealing with or have dealt with CP pups and would really like input. Especially stories. What has worked, and what hasnt. Pictures, comments, advice.
Although I am certainly in need of this info myself being that my little girl is only 11 days old, this would be for anyone who needs the support.
Please mail me anytime,
[email protected]


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I used to show and breed west highland white terriers and unfortunately cleft palate is common in this breed so I have seen it many times. Many years ago we would not even consider trying to save a palate puppy because surgery was very experimental and there were no guarantees. About 13 yrs ago our vet did a free cleft palate correction surgery because he needed the practice. This particular pup had a rather large cleft and even after 3 surgeries (spaced weeks apart, even one as an older pup) we were never able to close it. If you have the money to have it fixed and you also have the time and energy to nurse the pup back to health its worth it as cleft palate surgery has come along ways since 1993. Just remember there are no guarantees it will completely close and you may have to face euthanasia anyways. Either way you look at it, cleft palate pups are an emotional rollercoaster so hang in there!

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