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Cleft Palate Info

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Hi everyone:)
I am visiting your group for some help and info.
I am not a bully person, though I do love them....I am actually a Lab person in need of some assistance.
I have recently become the grandmother of a little cleft palate girl from the litter my gal whelped on March 8th.
At first I didnt know what was wrong, but eventually found the cleft, not a big one from what I have seen on line, but big enough to make things very hard and neccesitate my intervention. Other breeders and vets told me to have her put down, but because a few very kind people on the lab forums told of thier stories of success I have become determined to get this little one through it if at all possible.
I have done much research about causes, treatment, prevention and such over the last week, and sadly there really isnt much positive out there, but oddly, when I started talking to other breeders more, it seemed that a large percentage had dealt with at least one CPpup. I found that Bully breeds are particularly suceptable and figured that if I wanted to find people who had hands on experience with this defect this would be where to come.
I have started a website and a forum for people who are dealing with or have dealt with CP pups and would really like input. Especially stories. What has worked, and what hasnt. Pictures, comments, advice.
Although I am certainly in need of this info myself being that my little girl is only 11 days old, this would be for anyone who needs the support.
Please mail me anytime,
[email protected]

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