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Please help!!!!! I have a 8 weeks old English Bulldog

Greeting, I need your advice please.

We have a puppy (english bulldog) and he started doing like a dry cough yesterday after we gave him a warm bath because he was dirty (he was playing on the grass/sand).

He does not have a running nose and his eyes look normal... But he often does this horrible dry cough, like he is shocking.

He behaves normally, eats and do everything normally. We live in Phoenix (yes, I know it is hot) but he lives inside. There is always water available for him.

Please Please please I have to find a solution soon, I am leaving to San Diego (I am a naval officer) soon and I want to make sure he is OK until I come back home (I would be gone 8 days).

When sneezing, I noticed a little water on his nose.

Please advice and god bless..
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