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Collars and other puppy questions.

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I was just curious how soon you can put a collar on a puppy. We won't get our baby until he is 8 weeks old but I have never had a puppy before so this may be a stupid question but I was just curious. And will they walk on a leash? I know I have read alot of people on here say thier puppy wouldn't. So I am assuming this depends on each dog?. Plus can you put blankets in thier crate? And do you need a special puppy shampoo for them? It seems funny to ask all of these questions when I have 2 dogs but neither of them were little puppies when I got them. When do they wene from thier moms? Will they go onto food good? Or does it take time?

Plus the mama started delivering another baby today!!!!! They took her to the vet and they are going to do a hysteritamy(sp) on her and keep her overnight so the babies are going to have to be bottle fed tonight and tomorrow until she gets home. :cry: They were going to take her to the vet on Monday but the vet said she should be fine. They took the pups on Wed. to have thier tails docked and dew claws removed but the vet said not to worry about the mom since she acted fine. But today a pair of legs came out and my 15 year old sister in law was home alone and didn't know what to do so she called my husbands older sister and after they talked the legs were gone. So that is why they took her to the vet. I hope she will be fine. But the vet said there was for sure something still in her. :cry: Poor thing.

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I put a collar on both as soon as I got them, 9 weeks. I would like to see a pup with its mom for a minimum of 8 or 9 weeks, I prefer 9. Their mom will teach them manners, ect. I don't think many puppies are born to know how to walk on a leash, just be patient, and really get excited and encourage them. I wouldn't worry about puppy shampoo, get an oatmeal one, its really gentle. They should be on kibble by the time you get them, so you should be able to just switch to a different kibble, or if their on good stuff, stay on that.

I hope the mom is going to be okay.
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