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Correction for not coming on Recall

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I've been wondering about this.....what do you do if the dog chooses not to come?....I finally found my favorite training book, "Mother Knows Best", and this is her advice. Go to your dog, snap on his lead, sayCOME, COME, COME, and walk back t precisely where you were when you first called. Practice recall for at least five minutes (for a young puppy), or until they're REALLY sick of practicing.
I constantly make analogies to kids, and this trick always works like a charm for me :lol: Basically, if you don't do what I say, I'll be fair, but you're gonna really, really wish you'd listened the first time. :lol:
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The one thing I have learned about dogs returning to you, is that they need a reason to come back which is greater than the temptations that await them if they do not. Come to think of it, I guess that goes for people, too. :D
nanniesrock said:
I certainly agree that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, and positive reinforcement works better than ngative. However, if your dog gets cheeky, and just wants to do as he pleases, shouldn't this behavior be corrected? Have you used other methods with good results?

On recall, I think you have to be carefull with correction. If a dog feels it will be corrected, they may run. To me no matter how many times you have to get the dog, each time when the dog is returned to it's spot it needs to be told good dog and ignore them not doing it in the first place. I learned (a few years back) to put a long, long rope on a dog and allow the dog to go. Then recall your dog and pull on the rope at the same time, doing this until the dog is at your side and then reward him. Keep training like this until the dog returns on his own. I was also taught to let the rope out a little at a time for each session until it is fully out. I do believe that patience is the key here to recall.
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