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Correction for not coming on Recall

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I've been wondering about this.....what do you do if the dog chooses not to come?....I finally found my favorite training book, "Mother Knows Best", and this is her advice. Go to your dog, snap on his lead, sayCOME, COME, COME, and walk back t precisely where you were when you first called. Practice recall for at least five minutes (for a young puppy), or until they're REALLY sick of practicing.
I constantly make analogies to kids, and this trick always works like a charm for me :lol: Basically, if you don't do what I say, I'll be fair, but you're gonna really, really wish you'd listened the first time. :lol:
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I think the biggest mistakes people make with their dogs and coming when called is that many people don't take the time to break down the exercise and teach the dog what "come" actually means and have them realiable ON leash long before they expect a solid recall off leash. The dog has to be cognitive of the command before one can expect a good recall. I am by no means saying this is the case with you, nanniesrock, but I think some people actually expect their dogs to know the recall and other commands straight out of the womb with no teaching. :shock: I believe in teaching them positively first so that coming to you is good. Gradually wean them off the rewards but never eliminate them totally and make sure you have a way to correct the dog (if its mature enough and cognitive of the command) before you call it. I also think people give commands way to loosely when they don't really mean it or have a means or interest in enforcing it. If a command is given the dog MUST follow through 100% of the time. The dog must never learn it can ignore you. If the dog is young or recieved only minimal training it is much better to go get your dog out in the yard or lure it with a treat or toy then to give them a formal command only for them to ignore you due to insufficient training. Very counter productive.
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