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Correction for not coming on Recall

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I've been wondering about this.....what do you do if the dog chooses not to come?....I finally found my favorite training book, "Mother Knows Best", and this is her advice. Go to your dog, snap on his lead, sayCOME, COME, COME, and walk back t precisely where you were when you first called. Practice recall for at least five minutes (for a young puppy), or until they're REALLY sick of practicing.
I constantly make analogies to kids, and this trick always works like a charm for me :lol: Basically, if you don't do what I say, I'll be fair, but you're gonna really, really wish you'd listened the first time. :lol:
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PeterC said:
SNAP on his head? Do you mean hit his muzzle or head? So, you just hit the dog and you just showed that you are "unpleasant" and painful. Now, you expect him to come to you quickly?????
I read this part as snapping the leash, as in pulling back on the collar like when you are walking with a prong, you snap the leash to give the prong a quick tug. I could be wrong though
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