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Correction for not coming on Recall

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I've been wondering about this.....what do you do if the dog chooses not to come?....I finally found my favorite training book, "Mother Knows Best", and this is her advice. Go to your dog, snap on his lead, sayCOME, COME, COME, and walk back t precisely where you were when you first called. Practice recall for at least five minutes (for a young puppy), or until they're REALLY sick of practicing.
I constantly make analogies to kids, and this trick always works like a charm for me :lol: Basically, if you don't do what I say, I'll be fair, but you're gonna really, really wish you'd listened the first time. :lol:
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I have got to get a good book regarding this.

Cato always hangs in the by and when I call, nooo, he has got to walk off into the bushes.

I dunno why he does this, as if he is scared of me to walk past me.

Like it is a game to him.

I have never done anything beofre. Must be those dang avacados. The neighbors avacado tree is dropping them in our yard, and Cato was eating them like crazy and got the runs, so when I see him with them I take them. So now, I guess he thinks I am not happy when I call him from the yard. Even though I have cookies always waiting. He scoots in past me, usually waiting until Im not looking then waits his turn for a cookie.

Now in the house, ha comes on command.

Go figure, strange puppy. Very confused, almost trying too hard to please, that hes getting it backwards!!!Lol.

Anyway, back to your topic!! Didnt wanna hijack, just felt strongly like puting my two cents in, because I have a recall problem with the squirt!
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I think if done cleverly, they will learn the difference, I have encountered the problem with them pulling constantly on the leash, this is why I kinda skipped the leash part, and instead have them stay and call them. Using the pull command.
JennKBM said:
He scoots in past me, usually waiting until Im not looking then waits his turn for a cookie.
If I'm understanding right, by your statement. It sounds to me like you've taught him that basically, he doesn't have to listen to you, and will get a cookie. So why should he, he still gets rewarded for doing nothing? He gets rewarded for ignoring you, and for the action that you don't want him to be doing.
Nah, he doesnt get the cookie unless he does it right, as a matter of fact, he will be made to re do it or go to time out for not listening, you can bet he will do it the next time.
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