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I've had some type of springpole for about the last 6 months, but I still haven't figured out a way to keep the "biting surface", in my case a tug rope, from hanging up. Originally I just hung a rope from a tree limb about 10 feet up, and I had the spring (I've gone with a wheel-barrow innertube as well as a metal spring from the hardware shop) pretty close to the limb, with more rope hanging off and finally the tug toy at the bottom. Well it was constantly getting hung up on a limb that was above the first one. Basically Chewy would launch himself at it, it would slip out of his mouth and ricochet up where it would get stuck.

Well I got sick of constantly being on the ladder with a long stick trying to detangle the thing...I then came up with a different set-up. where I strung a rope between two trees, and I hung my inner tube from a metal ring that's halfway between the two trees. This works better since there are no limbs above it where it can get hung up, but still the thing gets stuck, when he lets go of it, it springs up and gets tangled in the rope that's holding the whole thing up...sorry if this is confusing to read. Basically, I've tried putting the spring lower and higher, lowering the biting surface, but it still gets stuck...the problem is he barks like crazy when it gets stuck, and I go get it down for him, so next time he barks even more...

Only thing I haven't tried is a huge garage door spring, maybe the weight of that thing keeps the whole thing from launching up in the air...somebody else must have had this problem and been able to fix it...any ideas? Basically I'd like to have a "maintance-free" springpole, since it's really the one activity that he can do by himself...thanks in advance for your replies.
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