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Roxy's loves em.............

hmm...can I have one ?

What, one of these?

yus ....dont mind me *yum*

gotta love her! xx
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:D Too cute. I know the feeling. I came downstairs Sunday morning to find that the beagle had busted open my file box that I drag around to and from adoption, and had stolen my bag of Doritos I had stashed in there. I found the empty bag in the puppy pen. Well, at least she shared. :roll:
She is in a funny mood atm, me recovering from surgery she's not had much exercise :( poor babe...but I did get a kiss for the crisps.

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Roxy is the cutest! I love the face-in-the-bag pic! :D
Roxy always looks beautiful, even when she's not getting her exercise!
She is a cutie, her nose allll the way in the bag! LOL. Its nice to see Roxy again!
Awww....that's too cute. She's something else! :D
Love the picture of you and Roxy. She loves you so much.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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