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The quote below is from another board I post on that is not dog related. A female out of her first litter was bred to an unknown dog and produced a very aggressive dog that had to be put down:

The mom of his dog is grand champion blood line. She is actually my dog's daughter. My friend who owns her asked me to help her sell the puppies, but it was only after the puppies were gone that she told me that she wasnt sure if they were pure or not cause the father wasnt their dog, and they said he looked like a pit, but they didnt know.

Unfortunatley she called me again 2 days ago and told me that the mom is pregnant again (this time by a lab) and that she is due anyday. She asked me to help her sell them again. Of course I told her that I wouldn't, and I told her that she needed to get the mom fixed (2 litters in 7 months).

I completely do no believe in breeding "back yard pits". If i had to do it all over again, i would have never bred my dog in the first place (and she was bred to another grand champion show dog). All that came out of it was a bunch of expensive dogs that ended up dead (RIP Rambo) or tied to a tree and pregnant.

Here's a pic of my dog and her 2 year old puppy that we recently lost :(
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