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Cute Bella/Norris comparison

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Bella at 7 weeks:

Norris at 7 weeks:

Norris' eyes are the same color as Bella's were at that age, a greenish-blue.
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Cinder said:
Whywhywhy must you always show me these incredibly cute photos that I must drool and goo goo over?!?! You're mean! ;)
Put yourself in my situation and figure out how on earth you're going to give him up to his new family this weekend!!! :)
If we had a bigger house, it'd be a done deal. There'd be no way I'd let him leave. :)
OrsonDogge said:
He looks just like baby bella except the ears and his lighter color.
Definatly gonna be one great lookin dog!!
Are the new parents close enough so you can visit Norris?
I can't wait to see how handsome he grows up to be! His new parents aren't really close enough to visit often. They live near Detroit, which is about a 6-hour drive from where I live.
SugarBear said:
Oh Leeann that Norris is gonna be a little booger. I can tell by that devilish sparkle in those eyes. He looks like he is full of spunk! I am glad you found him a great home. Can't wait to see the next prodigy pup!
He totally is a little booger and is full of fire! He's smart as hell, though. His new family is so lucky - They're going to have so much fun with thim!
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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