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Daddy, my first English Bully!

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He's 9 weeks old today, I just thought Daddy was a cute name!! ... here's a few pics of all 3 of my dogs. Pookie is 9 years old, spayed feamle and Mister is her 5 month old son, he's not neutered yet. Mister and Daddy love to play fight, I think Daddy is picking up the yappyness from my Chihuhaua's!!

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OMG, he is adorable!!! Those ears on your other pups, so cute! that second picture is priceless :D
wow they are so cute. The second pic is the best one.
He is so cute! Your other dogs are very cute too. Looks like they all get along great.
Too cute for words!!!!!
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What a cutie. I love the fourth picture; they look tuckered out.
Glueing ears???

Thanks everyone for all the GREAT comments!! I have a question, I've been talking to a few breeders online and I'm thinking about getting his ears glued. A friend of mine at work's Father-in-Law breeds english bulldogs and wants to set up a meeting to see my pup and glue his ears. Have any of you done that? I got a whole e-mail from one lady explaining how to do it but I sure as heck do not know enough about the breed standard to do it. I really want him to look like the breed was meant to look. It doesn't look painful but you never know, that's why I'm asking ya'll. Here's the page
I've never heard of glueing ears, but unless you are planning on showing him, then I would leave his ears alone. JMO though.
I wasn't planning on showing him, I just don't want people saying anything about him... you know how some snoody people get! I just want him to look a little like all the other Nully's... we'll see what my friends Father-in-Law has to say, he has the line of Bullies that are the mascot for the Georgia college, I think it's called Uga, or something like that. I'm not sure if he supplies them with the dog but I know he carries that line.
If people get snoody, get snoody right back. Ask them where they get off judging your dog. :D
Cropped Ears

I had both my Dobermans ears done they used plugs and taped them to make them stand . That was many years ago. But I would never do it again I wanted them to look right to. Since then I have learned People can think what they want I love my dogs and thats what counts But i will say it WAS painful for the dogs. Don't pay any attention to what people say or think about the looks of your dog it is What you think that counts and of course how much you love him or her.
Who cares what people would say about you dog? I dont see anyone saying anything about him. His ears are perfect. I wouldnt touch them.
Well his ears are going up by themselves!! So I guess I do not have to get them glued anyways! Thanks for all the encouragemaent everyone!
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