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She's just a kid and kids like to play in the dirt. My pit doesn't dig and neither do my houng/pit pups but my Eskimo/border collie just removed another clematis... The husky we had here for foster care ATE about 5 bushes in the yard. My defense was to plant roses. I have a lot of lovely roses and they do NOT chew on those. LOL

I put up fencing around my flowers and have considered getting one of the light duty electic fences like they use to confine horses. That will put a stop to the interest in the flower bed. I'm going to plant another clematis this weekend and put it in a tomato cage and see if that thwarts Annie. She's the sweetest little dog, but she does love to excavate and that fresh dirt is just irrestible.

You might also consider container gardening and plant in barrels, window boxes and hanging baskets. I do all of these to try to have some flowers.

:) Abby
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