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Darla's new collar!- updated info!!

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Sorry I haven't been on in a couple - my whole family has a beautiful case of the flu :? But I did want to show you the collar a friend of mine made (she makes custom collars as well). She had done a fundraiser for me to help me out with Darla's vet bills, it was a smash hit and she sold every one that she had donated for Darla's cause, but as a special thing for us she made Darla a Martingale as well. Well without further adue :

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Nice!!, What happened to Darla?? Why so many vet bills??

She still has fluid in her elbow, that is slowly disappating. But since she's a puppy you have to have all these crazy tests done to insure the soundness of her joints.
Love the collar! How wide is it?
augrad said:
Love the collar! How wide is it?
hmmm, let me measure it! Well I couldn't find my tape measure :evil: So my finger guesstamation is one inch. I thought two in my head but no. It looks one inch. It's much wider than her leather one she has been sporting that's for sure. It took us a minute to get use to the size of it. I have to tell you, it's one of my favorites!
Thats a cracking collar, it looks really sturdy.
I love it!!! Haus has a 1.5" collar and it took us quite a bit to get used to it.
Very nice collar and your puppy is adorable!!! I went to the mall today and they had these sturdy designer stud collars, I think about 2.5" thick or so, I wanted one so bad but it was $54.50 and I had to buy some people presents for a change lol.
Nice collar for such a good looking girl!
SHe has so many different styles. Let me know if you like it so much you'd want one, PM me, I could hook you up with her. She is just getting her web site going so I don't know about visiting the web site yet. I'll look into it!
Maybe we will be able to get Alexis one in a few months. I'll let you know so we can look at her website if it is up. What is the price range?
Hi Guys, well, I got some updated information. She will have her website up and
running in a month or so at http://www.collarmania.org,/ for now she accepts
orders at her email [email protected].
Lisa sent me some photos of some recent collars she has done as well so you can see the variety.

this is one with an ultrasuede lining which is softer to the touch and good on those bulldogs
where nylon is too rough on their sensitive skin. She can also hand paint for a personal touch.

This is a leather Martingale, custom.

A Nylon, Skull ribbon, flat buckle

Leather , two layers, with daisy embellishments

She has lots of others. I really think she is super talented. And I love the variety she offers!

The one Darla has is a Nylon Martingale, with cheetah and red ribbon embellishment. It's fantastic.
I am really hoping to get the leather martingale in the future!
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ok I got the prices!


the nylon ones with the ultrasuede will be $25.00.
if they want something without the ultrasuede lining and just nylon and ribbon or handpainting $20, I also can add swarovski crystals to the buckel collars.
The leather ranges from $25-60 depending on the design.

All collars can be customized to their specs, color, size type of hardware, I have lots of ribbon that I can email pics of to them....if leather, color style etc.....that is the basis for my work..for people that want a specific type or style of collar but just cannot find it.
I love Darla's collar! When Bella's histiocytoma heals, I want to get her a thicker collar. She has such a long slender giraffe neck that I think a 1" would work.
I can't find the other topic I did - but Lisa'a site is up, check it out...great collars!

I SO want an embroidered one!

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