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December Male is !!!!!!!!!!!

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It is actually a tie between chico and momo. Odin was withdrwaled from the contest by the request of his owner.

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Thank you very much everybody!!!!! We're very honored to share the month with Satchmo.
Well I love Chico so CONGRATS to him!!!!!
Congrats to both of you!!
Sweet!!! Chico kicks butt! Satch would be honored, as well, to share a spot next to Chico! Two handsome little devils!....Odin too (I was voting for Odin until he took a title! He is such a good looking pup!)

Thanks everybody! :p
I'm confused now....why did Odin withdraw?
Congratulations to you both. Great dogs and always love to see their pics. :D
I'm not sure why he did but he has his reasons I guess. he sent a Pm asking me to pull him out of the contests.

Congradulations to both of you!!!!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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